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Can we make blockchain work in the public sector?

Organised by the French Embassy in Bulgaria and Startup Factory Bulgaria, the Future of Public Services Powered by Blockchain is the place to be if you care for challenges at the crossroads of emerging technologies and governance. At this year's edition, our founder Rayna Stamboliyska is keynoting on 12 May 2022: "Blockchain around the world: What we did (not) learn". This event is labelled #PFUE2022.

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Lawfare meets cybersecurity

Invoking the concept of strategic autonomy, certain world powers have made great use of lawfare (the political instrumentalisation of law) and have thus equipped themselves with an unprecedented legislative arsenal to regulate data processing. These protectionist approaches have transformed the very essence of the law into a geopolitical weapon and a tool for industrial espionage. Join our founder for this panel at the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille, 9 June 2022.

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In conversation: Cybersecurity leverages SME prosperity

Our partner OCI Informatique has invited RS Strategy's founder, Rayna Stamboliyska, to lead a series of discussions on the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity for prosperity. The focus are SMEs hailing from different industries and regions in France. So far, we have had extremely fruitful conversations in Strasbourg, Dijon, Reims, Nantes and Bordeaux. Next up: Lyon and Marseilles/Aix.

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