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How do we reduce digital risk?

Organised by CEPS, the Cybersecurity@CEPS Summit is the place to be if you care for challenges at the crossroads of EU policy-making and cybersecurity. At this year's edition, our founder Rayna Stamboliyska is facilitating a panel on 1 December, noon-1 PM: "Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policies in the EU: state of play and
future initiatives".

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Why we need to embrace hybrid threats

In collaboration with AFNIC (the .fr registrar) and Arcep (France's telco regulator), RS Strategy organises a high-level multi-stakeholder workshop at the IGF 2021. Our panel intends to contribute a tangible future outlook that streamlines the framing of the cooperation on disinformation as a cybersecurity challenge. This session aims to overcome the current ambiguity in policies from both an EU and a global perspective.

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In conversation: Cybersecurity leverages SME prosperity

Our partner OCI Informatique has invited RS Strategy's founder, Rayna Stamboliyska, to lead a series of discussions on the challenges and opportunities of cybersecurity for prosperity. The focus are SMEs hailing from different industries and regions in France. So far, we have had extremely fruitful conversations in Lorraine, Strasbourg, Dijon and Bordeaux. Next up: Reims, Nantes, Marseille.

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