Mastering uncertainty

Actionable insights for business resilience

We help you understand change to facilitate the future

RS Strategy provides actionable insights into a fast-changing and uncertain world, facilitating your strategic planning and helping you build the future.

We improve your ability to collect, analyse, manage, share and communicate information, whether in support of government policy or in pursuit of competitive advantage.

Multidisciplinary by default, we like uncertainty, and it likes us back: answering complex questions that enable business resilience is what makes us get up in the morning.

Strategic modelling

Envision to prosper

We support innovation by co-creating a common vision with business resilience in mind. Through combined insights from foresight best practice and multi-stakeholder workshops, we define long-term value and sustainable human-centric models.

Risk management

Take chances

We excel at assisting businesses seeking to develop mindful of complex legal obligations across the EU, and keep a hawk eye on what is to come. Our expertise in cybersecurity and data protection enables a holistic set of actions to preserve your strategic assets.

Advocacy and policy

Shift happens

We help you translate your story into content that supports an effective public affairs strategy. Our expertise sifts through the maze to find the right information at the right time, articulate a platform with the right stakeholders and take part to relevant law-making activities.

Coaching and facilitation

Talent is everything

'Busy' does not mean 'productive'. We provide dedicated time management coaching in French and English. We also assist C-level executives with organising and leading strategic retreats by identifying priorities, preparing the agenda and facilitating discussions.