Managing uncertainty with data

Business diplomacy from data-literate experts trained in ethical intelligence analysis

RS Strategy improves your ability to collect, analyse, manage, share and communicate information, whether in support of government policy or in pursuit of competitive advantage. 

We do not hack or steal; instead, our intelligence-gathering methods extensively mobilise OSINT sources, ensuring that information collection is legal and transparent. 

Data-literate and digitally savvy, we make use of a wide range of tools, thus providing rare insights and comprehensive data visualisation for selected actionable details.

Data protection

GDPR & prosper

We excel at assisting businesses seeking to develop according to complex legal obligations across the EU, and keep a hawk eye on what is to come.

Risk management

Take chances

Risk is an integral part of business. Managing it well is a matter of choice. From due diligence to strategy, we analyse, you act.

Crisis management

Shift happens

Despite mitigation and care, a crisis still happens. Internal or exposed to the outside world, we can help you handle it and communicate the changes it entails.

In-house training

Talent is everything

We help you train coworkers on ways to protect the strategic assets of your organisation adopting RedTeam approaches. We love building skillsets within uncharted domains.