Training & Public speaking

The Boardroom Briefings

RS Strategy provides tailor-made briefings for the Board of Directors and top management. The briefing accounts for the specific needs of each business and introduces a strategic action plan. Formats:
  • Concise briefing (15-30 minutes)
  • Thorough strategic outlook (60 minutes or longer).
We cover: NIS2 Directive; Cyber Resilience Act; DSA & DMA; evolving EU digital policies.

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EU digital policies for day-to-day cybersecurity

RS Strategy provides industry-specific training for mid-level and fronline cybersecurity staff on EU digital policies for EU and non-EU businesses. What does this Directive or that Regulation mean for day-to-day operations? How to prepare and anticipate incoming legal requirements?

Formats depend on your situational specifics. Each training benefits from a dedicated prep time and custom materials.

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Public speaking and events

Energetic and passionate, our CEO and Founder Dr Rayna Stamboliyska has grown to become a recognised speaker committed to educating those outside of the industry on security threats and best practices.

Dr Stamboliyska excells at keynotes, brief talks, and panel discussions that captivate and motivate. We can also help you with overall event content, creative direction, and speaker preparation.
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